Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Simple Recipe: Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract

We're kinda vanilla snobs in our home, we use only pure vanilla and usually get a bottle from Watkins.  Well, the bottle is about $17.00 but we think it's worth it because we like to have our ingredients as pure as possible and as few ingredients in it as possible.
Well, I found a recipe for making our own vanilla extract and it's an amazing thing!  
We took a bottle like this:

Bought some vanilla beans from here, used a bottle of vodka that we keep on hand for homemade cleaning products and make our room sprays, must be at least 40% alcohol content.
Split 4 vanilla beans in 1/2, stuck in the bottle, filled with vodka, put the top on and leave for 8 weeks.  Shake daily or when you think of it.  The beauty of this is that when you use some you just top it off with vodka again and it will be ready for the next time!  I think this would make great gifts for Christmas and the vanilla beans will last a long, long time so you just pull one out and replace as needed, they should last a couple of years!
Ours has been in the cabinet for appr. 1 week now and it smells wonderful, we do remember to shake it every other day or so.
We love these homemade recipes!  We especially love knowing exactly what's going into our products!

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