Monday, August 16, 2010

A Simple Read

I received this book from Thomas Nelson publishers to review. I had a bit of an advantage because I've read every book Dave Ramsey has ever written.  I've been a follower and reader of his since his first Financial Peace book came out.  Dave isn't just some financial guy telling you how to manage your money, he's a guy that has been at the bottom and worked his way back up.  He was a millionaire, a business man at the top of his game and then it all came crashing down, he lost everything and knows how to do things the right way.
Initially I started reading his books because he is a Christian and I love to learn things from a Christian perspective, he pulled me in from there.
Dave has come a long way, having his own show on Fox News Channel, he knows his stuff.
This book gives some quick answers to questions that you will also find answered in his other books, this is a great book though, especially if you've never read anything by him and want to get a feel for his style of teaching and writing.
I recommend this book and even learned some things from it that I had not learned from his other books, great read!

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