Friday, June 18, 2010

Simply Thankful

 The above image is in Kentucky, this Kentucky girl loves the beauty of our state! 
There's so much beauty all over the USA isn't there?

A number of weeks ago I stopped posting for awhile, I'm now back and looking forward to posting again and reading all my dear friends blogs.  I will be posting bit by bit about our journey these past weeks, it has been quite a ride and although we had to go deep in the depths of a storm we were able to survive and thrive simply because the Lord was with us.  Actually I would have told you weeks ago that there was no way to get through this without some major repercussions, but God didn't have that plan at all apparently.  He was able to blow each problem we faced right out of the water, right before we would have crashed into them, allowing us to sail right through unscathed.
It amazes me that folks don't want to hear about God or read His Word.  I am nothing, period, I am a sinner through and through and as far from perfect as you can get....but, through Christ I am a new creation.  He shed His blood for this lowly sinner, I am so undeserving and yet He loves me that much.  Unfathomable!
I praise His Holy Name today!
I hope you know my Lord.  If not email me and I will tell you about Him and His precious love!

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