Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello!! It's so good to be back!....also I'm 50 today!

Well, thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!  I am 50 years old today...yeah I said 50!!! 

These things were invented the year I was born: halogen lamp, lasers, felt tip pens.

These things were invented in the 60's and are now obsolete: 8 track cassettes for music, which are now replaced by CD's. Typewriters, replaced by computers. Pagers replaced by cell phones. Records replaced by iPods.

Thankfully I've not been replaced (yet)!!!  Dan tells me it's just a number and not to worry about it...but then he says....'hey, now you can pay attention to the commercials that say "If you're between the ages of 50 and 80..."!!!!  He can say these things because he's 8 months younger than me and will turn 50 in Feb. 2011...yep I married a younger man!!!  Thanks again all my sweet friends and family!  Birthdays mean nothing to me, I'm just thankful for God and His Grace!!!!  So Blessed!

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