Saturday, June 19, 2010

Simply Blessed by Him, through 'Nana'!

For many years we've wanted to get a piano for our Katie.  She has lovely long thin fingers and can play so gracefully.  We've searched Craigslist, etc. but have never found one in good condition that meets the budget.  Today I got a call and found out that Katie will be receiving a wonderful piano in excellent condition, plays beautifully....all for free!!!  What a wonderful gift!  My sister, whom our kids adore and call 'Nana' (her name is Rhonda) has a piano that her sweet hubby got her awhile back and she has decided that she needs the space in her home so she's gifting it to our Katie!  How sweet is that?  Years ago Rhonda used to take all the kids to her apartment (when she was still single) and keep them overnight, they played video games, watched movies, rode around in her cute little red convertible, etc.  She holds a very special place in their hearts, she and my sweet little mama were the only babysitters they've ever had in their lives, if they weren't with them they were with us.  We're a wee bit selfish with them!!!
Anyway, tomorrow she gets her new piano.  Now all we need to do is find a teacher for her.  Years ago I took lessons from a sweet little lady that was in her 80's, she's been gone for many years now.  I didn't learn enough to teach Katie but hopefully we can find some good Christian music teacher for her close by.
Isn't God incredible???!!  He is using Rhonda as a tool to answer a prayer.  How blessed we are!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Simply Thankful

 The above image is in Kentucky, this Kentucky girl loves the beauty of our state! 
There's so much beauty all over the USA isn't there?

A number of weeks ago I stopped posting for awhile, I'm now back and looking forward to posting again and reading all my dear friends blogs.  I will be posting bit by bit about our journey these past weeks, it has been quite a ride and although we had to go deep in the depths of a storm we were able to survive and thrive simply because the Lord was with us.  Actually I would have told you weeks ago that there was no way to get through this without some major repercussions, but God didn't have that plan at all apparently.  He was able to blow each problem we faced right out of the water, right before we would have crashed into them, allowing us to sail right through unscathed.
It amazes me that folks don't want to hear about God or read His Word.  I am nothing, period, I am a sinner through and through and as far from perfect as you can get....but, through Christ I am a new creation.  He shed His blood for this lowly sinner, I am so undeserving and yet He loves me that much.  Unfathomable!
I praise His Holy Name today!
I hope you know my Lord.  If not email me and I will tell you about Him and His precious love!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello!! It's so good to be back!....also I'm 50 today!

Well, thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!  I am 50 years old today...yeah I said 50!!! 

These things were invented the year I was born: halogen lamp, lasers, felt tip pens.

These things were invented in the 60's and are now obsolete: 8 track cassettes for music, which are now replaced by CD's. Typewriters, replaced by computers. Pagers replaced by cell phones. Records replaced by iPods.

Thankfully I've not been replaced (yet)!!!  Dan tells me it's just a number and not to worry about it...but then he says....'hey, now you can pay attention to the commercials that say "If you're between the ages of 50 and 80..."!!!!  He can say these things because he's 8 months younger than me and will turn 50 in Feb. 2011...yep I married a younger man!!!  Thanks again all my sweet friends and family!  Birthdays mean nothing to me, I'm just thankful for God and His Grace!!!!  So Blessed!