Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday April 13, 2010...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...Warm and sunny, beautiful day!!!  Dan is cutting the grass (mostly dandelions!!, no chemicals on this yard and it shows!!!)

I am thinking...How nice it is to be back to blogland!!!  I didn't mind the hiatus because I there's always something to keep you busy but it's nice to be back in the loop!
I am thankful for...the Lord giving us 'just enough', we need nothing more.  Thank you Jesus!!!

I am remembering... fun night last night with Christopher and Katie, we played Trivial Pursuit and it is unbelievable to me how much I do NOT know!!LOL  It was fun thought, we always have a great time playing games together, no competitiveness at all, just fun!
I am currently reading...some books by Travis Thrasher, they are good but a lot of different folks to keep up with.  I prefer to follow along with just one character but these are really good, he is an excellent author.

I am hoping...to get some clothes on the line this week, I've so missed my clothesline!

On my mind...he choice to be happy, so many times we let the things of this earth keep us bogged down so far that we can't find the joy...that's just crazy and I'm telling myself today to 'stop it!!!'.  I will find and hold onto the joy in this journey!!!  Being joyful and love the Lord with all my heart, He is everything to me.
Noticing that...the more we let go and let God, the more peace there is.  Thank you Lord.

Pondering these words...if we keep our eyes on Him, always looking to Him, we will walk in the light and shadows will always stay behind us.

From the kitchen...Smoked sausage, corn flake potato casserole, a nice big salad and sweet tea!

Around the house...washer and dryer humming along, Katie is making Boxty in the kitchen.  Christopher is busy, Dan is cutting grass, and I have been busy also.  Always lots to do in the spring.

From my picture journal...
 This is Chastity and Michelle (Chas and Mitzy are their nicknames).  Katie has had these two for almost 20 years and we just found them when she was transferring items over to her hope chest.  When our kids were in school (until Katie was in 3rd grade) I had to take Chas and Mitzy everywhere with me in the car.  Katie never wanted them to be at home alone so I wrapped them up and they went on my errands with me...no I did not take them in places with me...lol!  Mitzy is the one with her eyes open, one of her eyes kept trying to fall back so I had to use 'eye drops' (superglue) to help her eyes, that's why they're a bit gunked up!
Such sweet, sweet memories!!!

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