Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Soaking up the Sun and Warmth!

How cute is this clothesline?  I love the old look of it!  I have a clothesline but sadly mine is an umbrella free standing one that we put out as we use.  We have no large trees in our yard and the ground is not conducive to trying to put clothesline poles in it.  For our garden area we had to till, add soil, till, add soil, get the it's just way too difficult to get those poles in.
I do have a promise that in our next home I can have a clothesline just the way I want it and am looking sooooo forward to it!
In the meantime, I'm such a happy girl because we've had such bright sunny warm days, it just motivates you to get that spring cleaning going!  Of course today is the first day of spring but that doesn't always mean nice warm weather for our little homestead, our area of Kentucky has varied temps through the spring so you just never know.
I do know that even if I can't be working outside I can get my inside spring cleaning finished.  I always find that when spring comes I want things cleared and streamlined.  Winter is always about making everything full and fluffy and cozy but spring and summer mean putting away a lot of the pretties and clearing things.  I love to get all the windows cleaned inside and out and just open all the windows and let the curtains blow billow in the wind!
I sometimes wonder if people clean their windows these days, you just don't see people cleaning their windows, sweeping the porches, etc. like when I was a child.  Even when our kids were little our sweet elderly neighbor (who our Katie is named after) would be out sweeping her front porch every single morning.  She lived alone and I know there was no mess on that porch but that was just her habit and I found it comforting to see her out there sweeping early in the morning!
The best part of my post is that everyone is on the mend!!! PTL!!!  Sadly, Dan is now sick but he's like the energizer bunny, nothing stops him and he's never called in sick a day in his life.  He just suffers through it!

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