Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning and A Simple Beautiful Day

 This is an image of Tasha Tudor and some visitors.  I have read all about Tasha and just loved her and her lifestyle.  It was a sad day when she left this world.  She was an artist and truly lived the simple life.  A wonderful inspiration for working hard and enjoying the simple things in life!

We have been blessed with an incredibly beautiful day today, the snow is melting and most of it is all gone.  It was nice to go to the mailbox today and not have to reach over a 4' mound of snow to get the mail!  I love these teases of spring!  We are very busy today getting some things moved around and accomplishing quite a bit.  We have plenty to do and not enough daylight to do it all!  The time changes on the 14th, I'll be happy to have more daylight in the evenings.
Here's a wonderful sight I love, she has some spring cleaning ideas that you can follow along with:

Well, lots to do and being on the computer is not one of them.  I pray you're all having a wonderful day and that you look around you and see His many, many blessings and smile with the joy that comes only from knowing Him.

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