Monday, March 29, 2010

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Monday March 29, 2010...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...Very dreary, rainy cloudy sky. Quite chilly.

I am I've neglected my blog lately, I need to get back on track with my posting.  Seems spring is just such a busy time, so much work to be done.

I am thankful for...the Lord giving us 'just enough'.

I am remembering...some blessings during our yard sale, met some really nice folks and an old friend of Dan's stopped by that I had never met but I knew his father.  His father is passed now and was best friends with Dan's dad, who passed last year, we had a really nice visit with this new friend.  He talked about World War II with Christopher (who loves learning about WWII) and taught him how to cast the reel on an old fishing pole Christopher inherited from Dan's dad.  It was a very nice day, didn't make much at the yard sale but enjoyed chatting with some really nice folks.
I am currently reading...finished the last book in the Sophie Trace Trilogy by Kathy Herman.  It was excellent!  I will post a review soon.  I was so sad getting to the end of the this book because I had just gotten to know all these folks so well and was pleasantly surprised at the end to see that it continues in a new series, something to look forward to!!!  I've read all of Kathy Herman's books and just love her writing. 

I am hoping...for some nice warmer weather, it was chilly over the weekend and today it's chilly and dreary.
  We have sunny days and much warmer temps coming this week.

On my mind...blessings!  We can never ever out give God, it's an amazing thing to behold.  I love being a Child of God!!!
Noticing isn't about playing games with people trying to make them happy, it's taken me many years to see that it's all about God.  I spent many years thinking that we should be about pleasing our parents, family, etc. and that's just wrong, life improved immediately when I realized that it's about pleasing God and put that into practice.  It's all about Him, every breath of every day.

Pondering these words...if we keep our eyes on Him, always looking to Him, we will walk in the light and shadows will always stay behind us.

From the kitchen...Southwestern Lasagna, salad.

Around the house...some chores being done and reorganization happening, we're preparing our home and ourselves for what might be around the bend.  Still working on the list of to-dos, preparing for a possible change.

From my picture journal...
 Just another felt applique image that I think is so cute from

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