Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Simple Christian Walk - Part 2

Our walk, continued...
Dan sometimes attends mass with his family when the service is for his father and he even takes communion.  I asked him once about that and he said if he wanted to take it he would take it because he didn't think it was a sin and since he didn't drop over dead from taking it I guess he's right, I think it was just his way of supporting his mother through the difficult services.

I have no problem with anyone attending a different church than I.  I am very disturbed that there are folks attending cult churches, only because I know this is not biblical, but I'm not going to go hunt them down in person and scream the error of their ways....I will simply go about my own Christian walk and pray for those that are in the dark to have their eyes opened to the truth.  Truly, it's all about the truth as the Bible tells it, there is no other Word of God, just the Bible.
I'm not in any way saying I do not care about folks that have their hearts hardened to the truth, actually the opposite is true.  I care deeply and to think that someone just might end up in Hell is the most painful truth there is.  But as it is not my job to 'save' people I just live my life, share the gospel when the opportunity arises and give all the glory and honor to Christ.  It is my job to keep my eyes open for opportunities to witness but after I share with them my job is done, of course I will continue to pray for them.

I'm not telling folks to stay away from any church that is different than mine, why would I do that?  It would be like taking a cane away from a blind person.  The best we can do is soak up the scriptures and seek the truth, all of the answers are there that we will ever need to know....not want to know....need to know, we just need to always look to God's Word.

We were all born sinners and we can only be truly saved through Jesus Christ.  He died on that cross so that we may come to God through him without any good deeds, good works, etc.  His grace is freely given to us when we ask Him into our hearts...pretty simple stuff.

What does hurt me deeply and anger me beyond words is the false prophets that lie to people to get them to believe 'their' way, Jesus is the ONLY way.  The false prophets would have us believe that all we have to do is ask  and we will be showered with blessings and nothing will ever go wrong....we are never, ever promised an easy life when we accept Christ....truly whether we accept Christ or not life will be difficult...the difference...huge difference is that when we go through trials and walk through the valleys....He will be there with us, He will never leave us or forsake us.  Yes, that's the promise that I hold on to.

Am I going to go to a Jewish temple and tell those folks not to enter because it's I going to go outside the Catholic churches and tell them not to enter I going to stand outside the Baptist church and tell people they are attending the wrong church?  Of course not!!  I can only search the scriptures for myself and follow the direction that I'm led to go.

What I must do is die to self daily (which means asking the Lord to show me how to serve Him in everything I do, giving Him full control), work hard to stay on the right path, share when the opportunities arise, guide my own children to follow Him and do the very best that I can do every single day to honor Christ in 'all' I say and do.

Above all, I will not hate anyone, especially because of their religion.  Christ loved the sinner just not the sin.  Who am I to think that I have the right to hate when Jesus came to teach about God's love.  Love God and follow His word, that about sums up my Christian Walk.

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