Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Simple Christian Walk - Part 1

It's amazing to me that people actually sift through blogs and websites looking for posts to bash because of Christian content.  I've been bashed myself for my opinions regarding buying USA made only items.  What are people doing wasting their time looking through the internet just for something to complain about?  I don't understand at all!
Of course we've all read Ben Stein's remarks about people celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.  His belief is simply, to each his own.  I don't understand why that is not obvious to everyone, why do people just look for something to go after, instead of just minding their own lives. 
I am a Christian.  I went to the Catholic church with my husband for quite a few years, we even had our first two children christened in the Catholic church.  I would have continued to go with him, even though I was Baptist, but he made the decision for us to leave.  Although we had attended mass every week for years and had our children christened in the church and were taking them to mass also (Tommy was 2, Christopher was an infant), it was brought to Dan's attention that he should not be taking communion (which he had been doing since he was a child) because he was married to me.  
You see I had been married before (fairly briefly) so since he was married to a divorced woman he could not take communion.  Suddenly, this man that had been going to mass since childhood, went all the way through school in catholic schools and continued to go to mass and take his wife and children, was told not to take communion anymore.  I must say he was hurt beyond understanding that he was not welcome to take communion and also that I was labeled because of something I had no control over...my first husband wanted the divorce, I had no choice....but Dan in his quiet way simply said 'As of today we start going to the church you grew up in'...and that was that.  Some months later Dan was baptized in the Baptist church and now we have become Reformed Presbyterians.  Our kids all accepted Christ before their teens and were baptized in the Baptist church also.
Now you see Dan could have said 'that's it'!!!, I'm going to talk to this fellow or that fellow and just started a big stink about it but he chose to simply make the decision to quietly leave, no one ever called or came to our home to question it, we just left and never looked back.  I think Dan was saddened that after a lifetime of being a Catholic, attending Catholic schools, etc....he was just forgotten.  
Interestingly enough we had friends who thought Dan was crazy and could not understand how he could leave the church, to them the Catholic church is the only church.  Their anger was actually akin to Dan leaving and abandoning his family, they really could not understand, even when he explained why he left.  I truly believe that some of them thought he should just divorce me rather than leave the church.  Kinda bizarre but that's the way it was.

In this post alone I've given folks ammunition to use against me...but do I care?  No, not at all.  Yes, I was divorced, yes my husband left the catholic church, yes we left the baptist church.....I also truly believe that the Kentucky Wildcats are the #1 college team in the country ever!!!!!!and that homeschooling is incredibly wonderful and fun, that being home all the time with my kids and homeschooling was the best choice in parenting we ever made  But you see those are my truths, and that's it you see....I'm just sharing the truth of Judy's life.  We will all have a different path, my prayer is that we all choose the path that leads us to Christ and ultimately to Heaven, I would love to meet you there!

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