Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Project - A Family Cookbook

Katie and I have taken on a huge project and I'm curious as to how many folks have done this with their family.  A couple of years ago we started requesting recipes from our family and friends of the family.  This is my mother's family and she was one of 9 children and her parents had multiple siblings so the extended family is simply huge.  I have more cousins than you could even imagine and of course they've had children and their children are having children, etc.  The list just goes on and on!
Well, we have received quite a few recipes but it's just kind of hard getting folks to sit down and write them down and send them.  I set up an email addy specifically for family recipes and that's been a big help because most folks have their recipes computerized and can just zip them to me through email.  Quite a few of the family are not computer folks and just wrote them up and sent them or sent me copies.
My favorite ones so far are the ones that are handwritten, some of them are the originals or copies of the originals, these are just treasures!  We also request stories behind the recipes or just tales of how often they had them, etc.  We have learned so much and have enjoyed having the stories to go along with them.
My grandparents were farmers and I well remember as a child seeing my grandma frying up the chicken and they raised a lot of their own food and their own critters...yep, chicks for that fried chicken!
I wanted to share a recipe that my aunt sent about my Grandma Burn's fried chicken, feel free to try it yourself:

Grandma Burn's Fried Chicken
Go outside, catch a big young rooster.  Pick it up and 'wring it's neck' (almost instant death).  Hold it up, pour hot water on it to loosen its feathers.  Then 'pick' the rooster.  Cut it open, take out the stuff you don't eat, cut up the rest.  1 breast, 1 back, 1 pulley bone, one liver, one gizzard, 1 neck, 2 legs (drumsticks), 2 thighs.  Roll it in flour and a little meal (this would be corn meal), salt & pepper.  Fry it in a deep skillet and enjoy.

Sound tasty and fun???LOL  Of course she used lard to fry it in, I'm sure my grandma did not know what olive oil was and she certainly wouldn't have called it extra virgin olive oil...they didn't use that sort of talk back then!!LOL

I have a lot of recipes family have sent from those that have gone before us, this same aunt sent me a recipe from her daughter who was one of my best friends growing up.  She died the same year Dan and I got married, in 1982, they found her dead on Christmas morning, she had some health issues but we didn't know they were that bad, sadly she was going to the Dr. the next week to have some things checked out.  I loved her dearly and to have a recipe with her name on it is more precious to me than gold!  

If you've never thought about this idea, I encourage you to try to get one started.  It's taken a while for us to gather the recipes and are still waiting on some but our hope is to have it finished by this fall at our annual family reunion.

We're going to make it in a scrapbook style with scrapbook papers and will add pics and stories to the pages, it should really be nice.  I'll post some pics when we're finished.  It's a bit of a project for us but I know it will be worth all the work in the end and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.  We'll make sure and print it on acid free paper so it will last beyond our generation.

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