Friday, February 26, 2010

Simply Buying American Made - We Must Take a Stand!

 This post is from 2010 but I needed the reminder!

I have a friend that lives in Maine that loves going to the Christmas tree shoppes and I am so excited because they just opened one not too far away from us.  It's a bit of a drive but we can go there when we go to run our errands once a week or so.  We went there yesterday and they have a lot of cute things, I would say it's a mixture between a dollar store/K-mart/Craft store.  We spent a total of  $2.00 actually 2.12 with tax!  We got two cute little purses, mainly to use as patterns to make some more because they're so cute!
I really enjoy going to these types of stores, it's just fun to browse and their prices are really good.  Now, to the problem I have with it; everything I looked at was made in China.  I just get so tired of seeing things that say USA on them as craft items, etc. and then see that they're made in another country.  That is why I would rather go to our local craft malls and produce markets, to help the local sellers.  Also, I think we should take the time and effort to shop only at stores that have products made in the USA.  But of course that's not easy because there are very few of them locally.
I really must say that I'm going to make it a point to check out which stores are only items made in the USA, if I can't find them locally I'll order from places online, but only if they guarantee the made in the USA pledge.
It's time we start moving backwards and remember the way things were when our country was founded.  The did what they had to do and bartered for things they couldn't make themselves, this is what it might come down to.
I have no problem with buying items online from another country if that's what I want, for instance the items Christopher and Katie like from Manchester United, that's just fine.  But, I refuse to continue to buy pieces of junk that are made in a sweat shop thousands of miles away, it simply has to stop and will only stop when we stop buying and supporting these stores, we as the buyers have the say and can say it by simply boycotting these stores.  I know I'm determined to do it.
We must demand high quality and American Made, these days we're working hard for less money so we must have high quality.  I'm proud to be American and I believe that means I must support my fellow Americans....just as the folks in other countries must support their own.  

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