Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Simple Wooden Shelf Makeover

I have a wooden shelf that I bought years and years ago, it was stained wood and I really enjoyed it.  Now, I feel the need to change it (as I do most things I own eventually!!!) so I used the same paint I used on my desk:
I painted most of the coat on and decided that I didn't like the color on the shelf, works great on the desk but not on the shelf.  So since I just bought some red rustoleum paint I thought I would try using it.  I haven't used it yet but did discover that it is oil based, I never buy oil based and can't believe I bought this but I will somehow make good use of it.  I'm definitely going to use it on a standing shelf in the kitchen that is now a cream color that got very dingy looking so it needs to be freshened up.  
The red paint is bright red so I will need to tone it down, my intention was to add a bit of black paint to it to make it more of a brick red but since it's oil based I can't do that.  Instead I will paint it, sand it a bit and then brush a coat of black over and rub it off to give it an antiqued look.
These are the pics of the shelf now, the back of it is the initial stained color and then the front I added the green to, it's just too light I think, to go with my country decorating.
I'll post more pics when I get it finished, not sure what color it will be but that's the way it works with me.  I drive my poor hubby insane with my moving furniture around and changing the things on the walls, etc.   He tells me his mother never moved any furniture or changed anything in all the years they lived in their home except when they got new furniture!  Guess he just doesn't appreciate my creative spirit!  Of course the fact that I'm home 24/7 most days means I just have to change things around every now and then, just  to have a little bit of a difference, it actually really freshens things up and makes me a happy girl!

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