Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday February 22, 2010...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window
...very foggy, we had rain through the night and that mixed with all the snow on the ground is keeping the fog pretty thick, I also see 4 deer nibbling on some little trees in the woods.

I am thinking...that life just gets sweeter all the time, I never knew that aging would be a good feeling.  Things just seem to be calmer and I seem to be much more mellow that I was years ago.  A very good thing.

I am thankful for...that most of our extended family know the Lord, it's just a comfort to know that you have so many family members praying!  I send out a daily prayer list to our family, we have appr. 25 families on it but they represent lots more people as the info goes down the line.  Just so glad to have this communication so we can see to each others' needs.

I am remembering...feeling not so great yesterday, I truly was afraid the depression was coming back but I figured out why, I was taking a med that counteracts my depression meds.  Got that all figured out so hopefully things will even out a bit.

I am currently reading...Truth For All Time by John Calvin

I am get things done on my list of to-do's today, so many things, so little time!

On my mind...the fascination people have with reality shows, don't get me wrong because I love watching the Duggars but what is it with this High School Reunion stuff on TVLand?  When we first got TV Land I was so excited because I thought we'd be able to watch Petticoat Junction and some other old shows, they have really gone downhill but I'm not surprised.  I'm just shocked that so many people follow these reality shows, why watch real life when you could be out living it and enjoying it???!!!

Noticing gets very noisy when Dan gets home from work!!!!  He just got home and Katie is running to hug him and he's telling us this and that!  A wonderful time of day for this 'little wifey' as he calls me!
Pondering these words...on my Mary Engelbreit calender for today.....Aging seems to be the only available way to live a longer life!  Very, very wise indeed!  This is a quote by D.F.E. Auber

From the kitchen...chicken and dumplings and salad.  Katie's also baking us some banana bread.

Around the house...busyness with all of our chores, it's a nice day in the 50's!!! so hopefully some of the snow will melt, it's nice to not hear the furnace roaring!

From my picture journal...
Oh yea, I'm so ready for spring!  I don't mind the snow but I'm ready for some green!!!!!

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