Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday February 8, 2010...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window's a winter wonderland!  the 'icing' is still on the trees and now the sun is out and glistening on all the snow, so pretty!  It's almost magical looking!

I am thankful I am to have stocked up on things, we've had everything we needed and did not have to leave the house.  Of course Dan still had to go to work, Delta doesn't shut down because of a bit of snow.  LOL

I am wearing...plaid flannel jumper and white long sleeve t-shirt

I am thankful family.  We can look around and see other folks' families and think how nice it would be to have this many kids or that but I'm just so thankful for what I've been given, I will not ask for more than 'just enough'.  He always gives me just what He wants me to have, yes that's enough!

I am remembering...what a nice calm and quiet weekend we had, just us, all snowed in!  We read, watched a scary movie (from the 40's) and just enjoyed being together!

I am currently reading...nothing right now, I have more books put on hold at the library.
I am get lots of stuff out of here by putting many more things in my 'get rid of' bags.

On my mind...the busyness in our home right now, vacuum running, washing machine going, everyone doing many many things!

Noticing that...
our home is full of laughter and joy!  It doesn't take stuff to make us happy, we are truly very simple folk.
Pondering these words...Anything is possible!

From the kitchen...beef stew, salad, Katie's bread.

Around the house...Lots of things going on right now, Katie is vacuuming...Christopher is talking to me while I'm trying to concentrate on my daybook....I cannot do two things at once and he knows it!!LOL
One of my favorite things...Christopher's voice!  Music to this mama's ears!

From my picture journal...
the view I'm looking at right now, so pretty!

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