Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Simple Read - The Debt by Angela Hunt

I chose this book for a few different reasons, one of them being it was set in Kentucky and I love reading anything about Kentucky, even fiction.  I always want to see if their opinion of Kentucky is like mine, it's just beautiful!  I know there are many places in the US that are beautiful but I'm just real partial to my Kentucky!
I started the book a couple of weeks ago and then put it down after a few pages, it didn't pull me in at that time (actually I must say the fault was probably mine, too many irons in the fire at that time and just couldn't concentrate!) but I picked it back up a couple of days ago and read the whole thing in one day, yes it is that good!
The beginning just starts to tell us a story and I see now that it was very important that she set the scene up for us so we could free fall into the story once we know who is doing what, her writing is excellent and once I realized what was going on I was pulled in and couldn't wait for the next page.  
I have to say here that I thought the book was going to be just a bit of fluff (no depth or real meaning in it) but I was totally blown away by the time I got to the last page.  This book can truly change your life and challenge your faith, in challenge it I mean take it to a deeper level and  make you start to think differently about what you're doing for the Lord.  I have to say that it just smacks of so many questions and truths that we should be asking ourselves everyday, I will never ever be the same after reading it.
As a woman and as a mother I felt a connection with Emma Rose and understand so much about how she was feeling.  As Christians, most of us have things in their past that they are so very ashamed of, even knowing we're forgiven because of Jesus, the pain is still there because we know that we let others down....whether it be our parents, siblings, friends, other family members we know we hurt them but sadly in life there are no do overs so our past is our past.  Emma Rose was able to move passed her painful childhood but she is brought back full circle to the events that were in her past that very few people knew and then she had to deal with confessing her past to her husband who is a pastor.  
We find that forgiveness is just the beginning and that our lives and our faith can be changed in a heartbeat if we open our hearts and minds to what Christ will have us do instead of what other people or ourselves would have us do.  
There are moments of true clarity in this book and I truly believe that it is life changing.  That's not something I can say about most fiction books I've read, I've enjoyed them and maybe picked up a few insights but this book, in a very simple way shows us that faith isn't just about joining a church and showing up every, no, no, it is so much more and I'm so thankful that I've been reminded in a very real way that when I gave my life to Christ I committed all of it, every moment of every day to Him.
Angela Hunt has many other fiction books and I've read some of them but I have to say that this is the one that spoke to me the most, and changed me from who I was...completely for the better!

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