Sunday, February 14, 2010

Simple Potpourri Light Jars

These are some lights that we make for our store.  I love to look at them and they let off such a pretty aroma.  We scent them with different scents.  The little lights on a strand have a brown cord so they blend in with the potpourri inside.  We crochet our own doilies for the top and then tie with a pretty ribbon.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the wall shelf and the floor shelf from the kitchen, I went ahead and painted them both the red oil based paint and I really do like it, it's a deeper shade than I thought so they look more barn red.
We have some snow on the way again, Dan really dislikes it because he works outside at the airport but I just think it's so pretty!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their Valentines!

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