Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Simple Pot of far can it go?

I posted about making the 15 bean soup last Wednesday.  Our oldest son Tommy, who works for FedEx and some coworkers decided to have some fund raisers for a lady they work with, her son was in an accident and is paralyzed.  Since she's coming back to work after being off for a long while they wanted to raise some money to help her out.
So, Tommy asked us to make some 15 bean soup last Wednesday, we made a double batch in a soup pot and filled up our large crock pot to take to him and kept the rest.
This is how far that soup stretched:
Thursday: it fed folks at Tommy's work, along with some cornbread to go with it, they raised $85.00 that day, just from soup and cornbread.  They raised a total of appr. $800.00 to give her from this particular fund raiser.
Thursday: Mother in law had some that Dan took to her, she had a couple of meals out of it.
Thursday night: I had a bowl for supper.
Saturday and Sunday: my parents had some that we sent them.
Makes you wonder how many folks that double batch of bean soup fed?!!!

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