Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simple Decorating - In My Home!

I have a few pics of some of the things we've made and the way I like to decorate, hope you enjoy!

This is a wall in my kitchen, the shelf my dad made for me years ago, the signs are all made by us.  I love the little crocks, we use them with stew, soups, etc.  They're perfect because the lids keep things nice and warm until we sit down to eat.  The mason jars have some things we keep in our pantry that we buy in bulk and bring up as much as we need, they're pearl barley, brown rice, almonds, pecans and seasoned Panko bread crumbs.
The border is one of my favorites, very homey and cozy!  The wall at the top is creamy almond and at the bottom a green that I liked from the border.

This is the first thing you see when you walk through our front door into our living room, it's a print from a folk artist I really love and the sign is once again made by us.  The walls in the living room are a mocha color.

This is the same image but with a wider view so you can see the branch from our yard and the faux birds nest in it.

This image is a sketch Katie did for me a few years ago, this is my favorite image ever.  When I was little my grandma and grandpa had the picture on their wall and it was always so comforting to me as a child.  I love Katie's version of it!

This is my desk in the living room with our three kids framed high school diploma from our homeschool.  All of the signs were made by us except the little one hanging above the green framed diploma.  Christopher's keys are hanging on the wall, for some reason he thinks this is where they should be even though we have a key holder by the front door (which will also be pictured).  Also shame on me for not trimming that dead leaf off the plant...tsk, tsk.  The plants are both from the funeral arrangements from my father in law's funeral, I took them apart and made quite a few pots from them.  I stitched and framed The Simple Country Living stitchery.  This is the wall to the left when you walk in the front door.

My newest stitchery I just made, it's on the wall you see as you're going out the front door, the next photo are hanging below it.

Both of these items we bought in craft stores somewhere in our journeys!  The bottom item has some old square nails on it for hanging keys.

This is at the landing from the 2nd floor bedrooms, top sign made by us, the bottom I got along the way at a craft store.

A better shot of the blue sign, couldn't get the glare off the bottom sign though.

This is the hallway on the main floor.  Top two signs were made by us, bottom from a craft store.  The walls in the hall are a deep periwinkle.

Last but not least :) is the wall to the left of my computer desk in our bedroom, the walls are painted a misty green.  The two hanging signs say 'best mommy' and 'best daddy in the world', our kids made these for us quite a few years ago out in our workshop, we had no clue they were making them!  The two stitcheries I stitched well over 20 years ago!  I painted the frame the rainbow one is in but if you notice closely I put it in the frame upside'll know this because the little orange hearts are upside down!  I still like it!  The happiness is homegrown stitchery was made in our old house and the little stick holding it up is from the tree in our backyard at that house, I love little things like that, that things truly have a meaning and a story behind them!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my decorating, soon I'll post some more pics of our home!

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