Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Something Old into Something New....that kinda looks old!!!

I salvaged this old frame from some of those Home Interior pics my mother in law had on her walls...from the 80's, that she'd taken down and wanted to get rid of.  The prints inside were faded and not really my style (asian prints...worked beautifully for my mother in laws style but not mine) so I just took them out and recycled them into scrap paper and put the frames away waiting for inspiration!
I stitched this little saying a couple of months ago, we call our home 'The Olde Homestead' so I just stitched it in a prim style and added the tree and vine, but had no frame to put it in.  I could make one but thought I would look around and see what we had first.  I found the frame in a box in the basement and once I found out it was the perfect size I got it all framed nice and secure but of course that old light wood 'color' they used on that pressed board from Home Interiors didn't work at all so I thought I would paint it but it's really tough to get paint to adhere to those faux wood frames so I had to figure something else out.  I thought about it for a couple of minutes and looked over and saw the poster marker and thought 'why not?'!?  I thought I could put it on and then wipe some off but when those markers say permanent they mean it!!!, there was no wiping any of it off but the more I colored in and the deeper it got the more I liked it!  I think it goes great with the prim stitchery and it was free and recycled!  The marker is non-toxic and they don't even have that bad odor anymore so I'm very happy with it.
I do see in the photos where I got a bit on the glass but that will be easily fixed with a damp cloth.
So, do you like it?  I'm really pleased with it and glad to make something that my sweet hubby had in his childhood home something that works perfectly in our home!
The first photo is two sides before and two after, the second photo is from the left view.  Next is the finished product with the marker I used.  I really like it and think it looks like a deep mahogany finish.

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