Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Declutter Challenge


I've been reading Amy's blog at southernblessings.blogspot.com and she posted about this declutter challenge.  I think it's wonderful, goes right along with my 29 days of giving and also paring down even more for the simple life that we love so much!
For 27 years Dan and I have been married and through those years we have accumulated quite a bit of stuff, we do go through things every now and then and give to Goodwill when we do some purging but it seems you always keep more than you need.
For me, it's very important to keep things that have some deep meaning, those things will never leave our home.  For instance our kitchen table is a 70'' round maple table that has been in Dan's family since way before he was born.  When we visited with his parents we always sat at that table, so many memories!  When they moved to a condo they were going to leave it behind!!!, can you imagine?!!!  I very kindly asked for it and they said sure, they just didn't have room for it and thought no one would want it!  We brought it home and stripped all the old varnish off and it's just so pretty, we just put some wax on it and leave it as natural as possible.  Now, that is a treasure!  Also, years ago my mama made me a cookie jar in her ceramic class, it's a cute teddy bear and I love it and especially to know it was made by her sweet hands.  She has rheumatoid arthritis now and can't do some of the things she could years ago so you bet I treasure those things that she made me!  I do know that we can't keep everything and usually if it's not functional or doesn't fit in with my country/prim (light prim, no crows...I hate crows!!!) decorating and isn't a treasure from family it has to go, it's that simple.
In keeping with these thoughts I am going to start the 2010 declutter challenge tomorrow, we are to get rid of things at our own pace but I like the idea of two things per day, I have plenty to do to make up for January but I know I can do it.
Thanks for the inspiration Amy, I really needed it!

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