Friday, January 22, 2010

What Happened to Integrity and Honesty?

Dan called me today when he left work as he always does, but I could tell by the first word he said that something had happened.  He works for Delta and they have a huge employee lot that is now a lot for all of the airport employees.  Well, he was walking toward his car and watched a lady back up and hit his car....then he watched her drive away!  There was a pilot there that saw it and told Dan he saw her license plate if he needed it but I guess she saw Dan in her rear view mirror at his car and decided to come back.  Yep, she was just going to drive away as though nothing happened, luckily he was there and saw it happen.  They called the police and got it all taken care of but of course not without some snags, I had not printed off an updated insurance card and the one Dan had in his glove box was expired so I printed off another real quick and drove it over to him, that was the only way they would let him drive away...note to all *make sure you have an updated insurance card at all times*.....I'm usually very good at keeping paperwork updated but just let it slide this time I guess.
I know that we live in a totally corrupt world and that sin, dishonesty and all that goes with it is everywhere so I shouldn't be surprised that someone would just drive away but I am, especially in a parking lot that has cameras...did she really think she would get away with it?  Anyway, as I said I know this world is full of sin but I would love to know what percentage of it would admit to something if they thought they could get away with it?  I'm sure it would be a staggering number that would probably make me fall lower in dispair than I already am, just really sad.
The truth is that we get away with nothing, Someone sees our sins when no one else does.  I shutter to think of the things I have done through my life that He has watched me do over and over again....ugh?  The idea of displeasing my Heavenly Father hurts me so bad and yet I daily struggle with this.
I have no interest in diamonds or jewels or having big expensive things, that's just not the kind of person I am, and yet I see greed and desire in me that I am so ashamed of.  I guess I will always be a work in progress and I know that living in this world there is constant temptation to do the wrong thing...that's the easy way...but my prayer is that I can always instantly choose to do the right thing.  Not the right thing as this world sees it, the right thing according to His Word.
As always I pray...His Will be done.

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