Sunday, January 3, 2010

Simply Thankful for Today

Oh I've heard so many folks say that they really hope 2010 is a better year than 2009 because so many bad things happened and I wonder if they'll be saying the same thing come 2011.
Why is it that we are so sure we deserve a 'good' life?  Basically our lives are what we make them every single day.  We can either so the good in things or the bad in things.  Dan is a very defensive driver, he just thinks everyone on the road is doing something wrong, I on the other hand consider myself one of the people that usually does something wrong so I do not voice an opinion at all.  The basic difference is that I'm seeing reality and Dan is just generalizing everyone into one category, he's frustrated so everyone else is wrong.  I'm not criticizing Dan because we all have our own opinions and faults but I am wondering why we as human beings expect others to be perfect?
I don't know about you but I'm not perfect, I'm so far from perfect that I can't even begin to think I can do anything better than the next person, we all are imperfect and will always be.  The only perfect human being lived 2000 years ago and although we want to model out lives, thoughts and attitudes after Him, we know we'll never come close to that.
Since we are so imperfect why do we believe life should be easy for us?  Never in the scriptures are we told that life will be easy, as a matter of fact we see over and over again in the scriptures that bad things happen to really good people.
Maybe it's as simple as saying 'Today I will do the very best I can do as a child of God and according to what He says in His word and leave the rest to God'.  We should never expect that life is going to be better this year than last just because we're Christians, we of all people should know that trials will always be there...but He will be there with us.  That's the promise that makes it all simply okay.

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