Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simply Purging (not me, my stuff)

Wow, today is a dreary day here in Kentucky, rainy and very chilly.  Not much to motivate me except that I'm feeling so very good and so full of energy I need to use it!
As I have said we have had someone in our family sick since Christmas and there's so much stuff that has we put down and it was just left there, so it's time to do something with it.  I have some things we'll be listing on ebay, I have the Vietnam Vets coming for a pickup next Tuesday and the rest will be recycled or thrown away.
I would have to say that our problem I said it!, I have so many projects I want to do and no place to organize it all.  We have a 3 bedroom two story home, we have a full basement but it's just too chilly down there in the winter to try to do anything so that's not an option.  Therefore, I'm left to try to make this all work somehow.  We did have some things stored in the garage but I was afraid my acrylic paints would freeze, the olive oil for making soap did freeze so things had to be brought in here, our woodworking shop is out there but we bundle up when we need to cut, sand, etc.

Currently I'm trying to make space for:
Cricut and all it's accessories
Xyron Creatopia (which I won!)
Scrapbook items, including pictures
Card Making items
Stickers, glues, glitters (if you've ever received a card from Katie you know we have plenty of glitter!!!)
Papers for all the above
Rubber stamps and ink pads
Sewing Machine...fabric and all that goes with that, including a quilt that needs to be quilted that my deceased grandma made the top for many years ago
Beeswax and wicking for candle making
Soap making items....oils, butters, lye, soap mold, with all the safety items
Ebay items, postage scale, envelopes
Wooden signs
Hand stitcheries and floss
Yarn, crochet hooks, etc.
Katie's jewelry making supplies
Lotion and lip balm making supplies
Computer, printer, paper, camera dock, wires, etc.

All of this somehow has to fit on the long desk in our bedroom or on the shelving.  I know this sounds like way too many things to be working on, we don't work on all of them at once but need them handy for when we need to make soap, crochet dishcloths, make cards, etc.
To me, making these things ourselves is part of the pioneer spirit that I love so much.  It may sound like it doesn't fit with our 'simple' life but in fact I think it's a big part of it.  I love the idea of making everything ourselves and being as self reliant as possible.  Along with that means lots of hobbies!
We have some things already in place and am working on the rest so all will be tidy and organized before bedtime, much work to do but I love organizing things!
Will update when we get it finished!

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