Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simply Praising God, From Whom All Blessings Flow

I believe I'm coming to an end with my cold, the cough is still deep and painful and sometimes takes my breath away and I'm very tired but I think all in all it's about gone.  I'm thankful for that and promise myself that I will appreciate being well, we so quickly forget how awful it feels and what a blessing good health really is!

I couldn't sleep last night, now sure why but if I closed my eyes they just popped open again.  I was very frustrated for awhile and was having such a pity party when it occurred to me that I should be praying instead of fretting.  I still suffer from not being able to focus so my prayers are choppy but I know the Lord knows my heart and understands.  As I lay there thinking about all the people I wanted to pray for I realized that these are people that mean everything to family....and there are so many needs in our extended family so I tried to bring faces to mind and pray for each, as I said I know the Lord knows already.  I also thought of friends, those near and far and was able to focus on praying for them also.  Those nights are very long, quiet and I so often forget to count the blessing of having the darkness and quiet to be able to focus a bit better, no other noises or things to distract me.

I have hopes of getting our Cricut set up today and having a bit of fun with it, I have so many cards to make and have already missed sending a birthday card this year, she'll get it but it will be a bit late.

I look at the snow outside, the pristine whiteness and beauty of it and am reminded that only God could paint such incredible beauty with the color white (if white is a color?).  May He bless all who reads this with the joy and blessings that only He can give.  Thank you Father for the wonderful, incredible, so undeserved gift of Your blessings!

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