Saturday, January 2, 2010

Simple Strengths....just Him

I've had folks through the years tell me how strong I seem, they say I just smile at everything and seem to be able to handle so much.  I tell them that I actually have no strength at all, my only strength in this life is from Christ.  Yes, only He, not I.  I have joy but it's only because of Him.  I have peace but it's only from Him.  I have hope but it's only because of Him.  I know I can face today but it's only because He walks with me.  I know life will throw me some major blows but I can get through them, only because of Him.
If you're walking in a haze and life just seems too much to bear, open up the Bible and search for answers.  If you don't have a Bible just start praying, prayers can be silent or voiced, He hears our prayers if we are reaching out to Him.
He wants all of us to come to Him, today, right now, this minute.
Thank you Father.

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