Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simple Organization

Well, I've done pretty well on my organizing but realize that I just have too many projects I want to do at the same time!  I have looked around at some other blogs to see how folks keep things in order and I realize I need to put a section in my Home Management Binder with a list of what I want/need to do and when it needs to be finished. 
We have things that we make to list on ebay, items to add to our etsy store and things we want to make for gifts for folks through the year.  So many things and we've simply got to have a way to organize it all, I figure in my HMB will be the perfect place, I'll post some pics when I get it all finished.
I truly believe that's the only way we'll be able to make the things we need to, a system has to be in place.  Otherwise we spend way too much time looking for things instead of getting to play with our crafting toys!!!...playing is so much more fun!

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