Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simple Joys

 This image above is in honor of our birthday girl who loves any and all things Victorian!!!

Oh we had such a fun day for Katie's birthday yesterday!  Our Tommy came over and spent some time with us and finally opened his Christmas gifts!  We've all been too sick to get together!
After our visit with Tommy, Dan said he was going to take us all out to dinner and asked Tommy if he wanted to go with us.  Tommy said yes, but he was going to treat us for a late Christmas gift (poor kid was sick on Christmas eve and Day so he was alone all through Christmas!).
He chose El Rio Grande so we went there and had a nice mexican meal.  We are creatures of habit and eating out is extremely rare for us, usually we just go to Cracker Barrel or Frisch's but Tommy insisted we try something different!  It was really good and I don't know the last time this family went out on a Saturday night, we never do that so we were'nt used to the crowd but it was kinda fun being in the middle of the hubbub for a couple of hours!  But ever so nice to drive back home past farmland to get to our quiet and cozy little house!  Coming home is always so wonderful!
Today was a day of pampering the birthday girl still so we went to Starbuck's and then wherever else she told us to go, just a fun weekend for us. 
I just love being with my little family, what laughter we share and fun we have!!!

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