Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Simple Handmade Gifts

We find at our home that if an occasion is coming up it means we need to make sure we have a gift made for it or get to working on it.  We don't usually buy gifts when a handmade one will better fit the occasion. 
There are some things we do buy, usually to go along with a handmade gift.  We buy books, we are avid readers and love our books, we're into books about: homesteading, making do, make it yourself, farm and animal care, Christian living, anything that we can learn from or at least stretch our mind and thoughts.  We also will get Cd's if there is a particular one our kids loved that they would like to share with someone else, once again this would be Christian music, Celtic hymns and we love to get some of the old music for my mother-in-law, she loves the music from Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and things from the big band era.
Usually we will just make gifts and that will be it, our gifts are always made for a particular person with great care given to what they would love to have or need to have.
Even our cards are handmade, we love to make them and sometimes just sit down and make a bunch at a time, love to play with all those stickers...and glitter!!!
This is one I made this evening for my cousin's husband's birthday:

It's simple but handmade, we feel better knowing we made something and I think the people receiving it love getting a handmade card, I know we always do!  The HAPPY BIRTHDAY was cut out with our Cricut machine, fun, fun!...actually it's a bright red although it looks pink in this pic.
The kids and I have always enjoyed working with our hands, we love creating in so many different ways.
Chris with woodworking and fixing things around the house and Katie and I just love sewing, paper crafts and so many more, I think being creative is very therapeutic, keeps and hands and mind busy.

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