Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simple Days

Oh the joy of being a keeper at home, my days are usually very quiet and calm.  It's such a joy to have my sweet Katie taking care of our home while I'm sick.  We have had someone sick since Christmas eve and I'll be so glad when it is over.  Dan and Katie had a stomach bug and Christopher, Tommy and I have had bad colds and Tommy's went into pneumonia.  Of course Tommy doesn't live here but he keeps us updated on how he's doing. 
I started a couple of days ago with a sore throat and now it's just contant coughing and a drippy nose, I'm very ready to be healthy again.
We're getting a beautiful snow today, I know we've gotten at least 5 inches and there's more to come.  It's very cold so the snow is sticking to the roads also so we'll be glad when Dan gets home from work nice and safe.
Yes, it's such a blessing to be a keeper at home and not have to worry about getting out in this bad weather to go to work and we're stocked up so we don't need any trips to the grocery either, it's a very calm day and this girl is very content.
God has blessed us beyond measure so I won't complain about the weather or being sick, this too shall pass, I'm just thankful to be a child of God and that my children know Him also.  Such joy!

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