Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Being Radical in Raising our Children

Just when you think you've raised your kids the very best you can and made all the decisions that you thought were right, you find yourself once again meeting opposition from some of the very people that you thought finally understood your decision.  It seems that standing up for your children and the choices that you've made is something you continue to do even when you've become a retired homeschool mom/teacher, folks just don't seem to want to 'get' it!
I found myself arguing a point yesterday and it was simply frustrating because we shouldn't have to explain our decisions to other people, we are the parents and that's that.  Sadly there are a lot of parents that have a spouse that is not saved or simply thinks that your kids should do this or that because that's what all the kids do and that's the way it's always been done, if I was a cursing person I would have one fine word to say to that but being the 'lady' I am I must say that's 'rubbish'.  100 years ago people were raising their own children and schooling them at home, making all of their own wares and teaching their children to make the needful things in life, it was just a given.  Today, kids leave college with absolutely no clue as to how to even boil an egg or start a campfire...makes you wonder how the 'kids' are going to learn the life skills that they need?  A college degree means absolutely nothing if you cannot function in society as an adult, and so many kids are being raised to go far up the corporate ladder but sadly so many couples are both parents trying to climb up that corporate ladder and their children are being raised by others, this means that the next generation will be clueless to how to function in the home because they've not seen it or been taught.  I know there are two parent working families that do make this work but I see the result of adults my kids ages that were 'day care' raised and it's not always a pretty picture, it's kinda scary to see the next generation of latchkey kids dealing with the same things their parents did as kids, I just think it's sad.
We made decisions for our kids only after much research, prayer and referencing the scriptures, I truly believe that's the only way you can know that you did the best you could.  The Bible is our guidebook for life, to see these people making decisions without it...and prayer...sometimes you just watch them and realize they're floating in a haze because there is no guidebook and they're just winging it, very sad.
I feel for those parents that have to argue with their spouse to stand up for what they know to be true from searching the scriptures and praying for guidance, having an unsaved spouse is not easy but it's no excuse for taking the easy way, raising our kids for the Lord is always the right thing...even if it's a constant uphill battle.  In the end we will be blessed for following Him.

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