Friday, January 1, 2010

My List of New Years Resolutions

Well, I've decided that I am going to do this, I'm actually going to make a list of my resolutions and I know that I can stick to them, well maybe some of them, okay a couple, well at least I can stick to one!!!!LOL
I want to lose weight but I don't think losing weight is specific enough so I'm going to list the things I will be working on.
There are some things I want to cut out of my diet, some things I want to cut back on and some things I will only allow myself occasionally.  Also, I have a couple of character traits that I'm really not happy about so I'm going to list those and work extra hard to keep them.
I'll be turning 50 this year so I think I'm thinking that for the second half of my life (that's right I intend to live to at least be 100! LOL) I want to do some things differently, now's the time to change.

1.  Do not be late.  (I'm notoriously late to everything and I can no longer blame my kids since they're adults not!!!)  I will work on consciously being not only on time but early...of course there will be times it's out of my control but that is the only exception.

2.  Cut out soft drinks.  I think I will allow myself 2 per month so I'll have to keep track of it and also reward myself if I can do without those 2.  The exception will be for tummy aches.

3.  Cut out french fries completely.  No exceptions to this one.

4. Read the Bible through the reading list Christopher printed off for me.  Sadly it's called 'Read through the Bible program for Shirkers and Slackers!!!', but with my depression still having a hold over me I have absolutely no ability to focus or concentrate so this will be a good program because I can mark it off as I go.  It's a daily program but I intend to update the list weekly so I don't feel overwhelmed every day.

5. Take a walk daily, with our really cold weather this may be difficult but I can at least walk around the house and up and down all the steps if need be.

6. Eat healthy meals, this means more fresh fruit and veggies, I will try to post our monthly menu but I will not post that until next Monday.

7. Blog every day, this will be obvious if I don't do it!

8. Daily keep track of our stocking up inventory, I'm a good starter but not so great at follow-up.

I'll put this list on my sidebar for a constant reminder to myself.

I also have a few resolutions that I will be working on privately and may post on the updates on those as the year progresses.

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