Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Merry Christmas to Katie and Judy!!!

We received our Christmas gift today.....a fun toy we can't wait to play with!
A Cricut machine!!!!
Have to give credit to my sweet hubby who doesn't mind our occasional splurge on our card making/scrapbooking toys!!!  Thank You dear hubby!!!  I'm not a diamond or jewelry kinda
girl, give me my crafting toys any day!!!
It came with these cartridges:

 Then we searched online and found out Michael's had their cartridges buy one get one free, so we took off shopping and found these:

Well, I would love to say I'm off to play with them but alas I've had a yucky cold for a couple of days so instead I'm off to get under my electric blanket and rest.  There's always tomorrow!

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