Friday, January 29, 2010

Living Simply - Our Grocery List and Prices

We have been busy today grocery shopping, lots and lots of grocery shopping!  With all the illness we've had since Christmas the cupboards were down to the bare minimum and we were in need of so many things.
I actually like using what we have and getting to the back of the cupboards and pantry and that's surely where we were.  We went to Walmart for the biggest bulk of it, then Kroger for the remainder.  We usually shop only at Kroger but since we were stocking up we thought we would try wallyworld and see if we could stretch the dollars a bit more.  I'm not sure about exactly how much we saved but I really do think we saved pretty much.  I would prefer always going to Whole Foods or ordering organics online but the price is simply too steep to do that right now, we're gradually adding organics as we cacn.
Walmart had some pretty good prices so we really stocked up, I'm going to post the items and their prices and am curious to see how much these things are at your local stores.

Charmin Big 30 rolls                    17.27
Tootsie Roll Pops Valentine Bag    2.96
Medium bag navy beans                1.28
mini marshmallows                        1.34
Kraft macncheese 5pack              3.84   This is a rarity for us, sometimes it's just good and simple
4 can enchilada sauce                   1.00/can
Big jar Motts natural applesauce    1.72  bought 2
Heinz Ketchup large bottle            1.58  bought 4 this was a really good buy I though and Dan loves ketchup
Hellmans Mayo  medium size        2.98
Special K cereal                           3.00 bought 3, almond/and 2 berry
Rigatoni                                        1.00  bought 2
Wheat flour  Hodgson Mill            2.88   5 lb bag, bought 2
Wheat thins                                   2.00
Bowtie pasta                                1.00
Blueberry Morning cereal              3.50  bought 3, we usually do not buy cold cereal but it just sounded good
Nabisco Cream of Wheat             3.48  bought 2
(I have to confess here, I posted a recipe for Homemade Cream of Wheat mix, turns out everyone really liked it but me, the texture just got to me, usually I love everything we make but this didn't do it for me.
2 lb spaghetti                                1.82
Large box Rice Krispies               3.00
Brown Rice large bag                   3.47
Ocean spray cranberry juice         2.50   bought 2
Ragu                                            1.42   bought 2
Jif Peanut Butter large jar              4.78
Bertolli xtra virgin olive oil             9.28
Tomatoes, canned roasted              .92    bought 2
Dawn                                           2.33    bought 2
Ziploc gallon bag                          2.67
all natural scrubbie pads                2.48
scrubbie sponge                            2.74
Magic Sizing                                   .98    bought 2
scrubbie net                                  1.84
Tostitos                                        4.38  large bag, Katie had a hankering for chips and salsa :)
Clorox bleach                               1.86  bought 2
Mountain Dew  12 pack               2.98  
got this because its the throwback, has real sugar instead of the other stuff, our boys requested it.
Salsa                                             2.38
Mustard                                        1.38   bought 2
Macaroni                                      1.82
Thomas' bagels                              1.97
Rye bread                                     2.47
Butternut bread                             1.48     the rest of us like Katie's bread and wheat bread but Dan must
                                                                            white bread
Xyron sticker maker                     20.00
Raisins  large box                           2.98
Millstone coffee whole beans         18.48 
this is two large bags of columbian supremo beans, we grind our own beans. Millstone is our treat.
Flaxseed meal                                 4.83
Craft paints (for our signs)               1.97    bought 4, tan, 2 barn red and apricot
Velveeta 2 lbs.                               3.79     we use this in our cheeseburger soup
Yarn (for making dishcloths)           1.47
Paprika                                          2.46
Sunflower seeds                             2.28
Pepperoni stick                              4.98
Vitamin D milk bought 5 gallons    10.00
frozen broccoli                               1.78
frozen mixed veggies                      1.78
frozen baby corn                            1.78
String cheese                                  5.88
Sandwich stuff                                2.28
bread and butter pickles                 1.88
Dannon yogurt quart plain               2.08
3 chunks natural cheese                  1.88    bought 3, medium cheddar, mozz and colby
Tyson all white chicken patties fro.  3.98
cream  quart                                   3.12   bought 2
frozen soup veggies                         1.28
Pomegranate/blueberry juice           2.50
2-1/2 gal. floridas natural OJ           2.88
carton 18 eggs, all natural               2.83  bought 2
Land o Lakes butter                       2.68   bought 4
Yoplait yogurts, bought 10              5.00
Sour cream pint                              1.54
Pillsbury pie crust                            2.44
frozen juice concentrate                   priced from .98-1.66    bought 8

This is it for Walmart my total was   $ 312.28
That's a lot but we all know the price of food has really gone up and we haven't stocked up since before Christmas due to illnesses so it really wasn't too bad.

Then we went to Kroger for fresh veggies, fruit and fresh deli meats, etc.  Our Walmart has a terrible selection in their fresh foods.
This is our Kroger list:

Lip gloss, a treat for Katie and I     6.99  bought 4 but they were buy 1/ get one free
Round Steak                                  7.18
Pork chops, bone in 5 chops          6.16
Stew Beef, bulk package               8.70
Turkey Breast deli meat 1lb           6.47
Blackforest Ham deli meat 1lb       5.87
Cheddar from deli                         3.17
Ground chuck                               3.31
   "           "                                    3.29
Tyson bl/sl chicken breast fresh     3.19
Tyson whole chicken cut up           6.48
Bananas                                        1.18
Cottage Ham                                 3.99
Smoked Sausage                           2.50  bought 2
Slow FE iron (for my anemia)        10.59
Walnuts                                         2.99
Pistachios                                      5.48
Carrots                                          .99
Cauliflower                                    1.25
Country Sampler (my treat!)          5.99
potatoes  10lb                               2.99
Pretzels   2 bags                            1.25 each
Fritos  (for southwestern lasagna)   2.38
Strawberries, fresh 2 packages      3.99 each
Broccoli                                        1.62
Cetaphil lotion                               10.49
salad                                             2.98
apples, gala, golden del.                 2.25
             granny smith
Tortillas                                         2.69
Contadina Pizza Sauce                  1.59  bought 2
Minced onions                              2.79

This is all for Kroger, total was     149.25

This should do for a good month with us going to get fresh things every other day or so, also I need to make a trip to Sav-A-Lot to get some canned veggies, tomato products, etc.

That was a lot of typing so I think I'm I get to rest and read my new Country Sampler!!!!

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