Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simply Overwhelmed, Yet Still Finding the Joy

 This is such a sweet scene, oh to get back to the days of simplicity and families simply enjoying one another!

Wow, sometimes life just decides to throw you some curves and it's hard to keep up!  Today is just not a great day for me, too much to deal with and unfortunately my depression has not lifted completely so I'm feeling overwhelmed with the overload.  Our Christmas preparations are very simple so it's not the season that's so difficult for me, it's just that the smallest things drive you crazy when you're dealing with the effects of clinical depression.
Thankfully most of my days are actually very good and I don't deal with it all day but I think today with the steady rain and different issues I've had to deal with things just start to pile up until you're overflowing and the result is lots and lots of tears.
Dan actually spent the morning with his mother, she had her nephew visiting from Arizona and really had a great visit, they don't get to see one another often so I was glad they were able to visit her.  The rest of us had things to do around the house, we are trying to finish up some Christmas gifts, plenty still to make but we are making some progress.
Oh we saw some of the prettiest Christmas lights this evening on a short drive across town, some people really go all out don't they!?  How wonderful that we get to enjoy their hard work!
This year we've decided to decorate simply, our front door has a grapevine wreath with clear lights that I got specifically with a brown cord to match the grapevine, it's just the wreath and lights...simple but pretty.
We have candles in the windows, just a simple bulb in each one.  It's pouring down rain today but tomorrow evening if it's nice I'll take a photo and post.  We don't have our tree yet as we get a cut tree, with all this rain I'm not sure when we'll get one but probably after the weekend when the weather clears up.

I think this is a cute link, some people are so witty!

The first photo is a house all decorated....so pretty!!!!......

This is his neighbor!!!!  I know there have been other ones like this but I really think this is cute!  Simple yet eye-catching!!!

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