Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simply Exhausted...but in a good way

 Now this is my kind of shopping!!!!!

Well, we just got back from our annual Christmas eve/day grocery shopping trip and I am so tired!  We have to get so much but thankfully our Kroger had most of what we needed on sale, I allocated $200.00 but it came to only $139.00, that was a blessing but truly without all of their specials and b1/g1 it probably would have come close to the original amount.
We make food for hubby's family's Christmas Eve party and then have to make 7 breakfast casseroles for Christmas morning at his mom's and my mom's.  We don't get to be at my moms when they have the casserole but will be there later in the day for all the goodies and festivities.  It's a busy day going here and there but we don't mind at all, just love being with family...an added bonus is that our Tommy will be with us all day, what a treat!
For Christmas Eve we will make:
White chocolate/m&m's/pretzels
No bake oatmeal candy (we call it oatmeal peanut butter candy)
Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips
Velveeta/sausage/picante dip
Pumpkin cheesecake
Sausage Crescent roll-ups
HVR cheese puffs (Hidden Valley Ranch but we make our own copycat powder mix)

Christmas morning:
Breakfast casseroles
Sausage Crescent roll-ups
Pumpkin cheesecake

Katie's making 6 loaves of her yummy homemade white bread for gifts.

We are doubling and tripling these recipes so we'll have enough to feed a ton of people, we never really know how many will be there on Christmas Eve so we need a lot of food.
Tomorrow we'll post pics of the food we get made.
I'm just thankful that shopping trip is finished for the year!

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