Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simplifying Christmas

I came across this meme and think it's a wonderful idea!  You really should go to her blog and read about her thoughts on keeping Christmas simple.  I love the way she puts it, you can have a very joyous wonderful Christmas in a very simple way.
I really believe we've taken all the joy away from Christmas with all the overspending, keeping up with the joneses and worrying whether folks will be happy with their gifts.
I'm actually amazed when I hear of people being upset by what 'gift' they got, children throwing fits because they didn't get what they wanted, etc.  Do we remember that a gift is a gift, it's that simple, it's not something that is expected it is a gift so whether we like it or not we should be so thankful that someone cares enough to give us a gift.  If the gift is just an exchange gift at work, etc. maybe it's time to stop the madness and quit exchanging gifts, all of it has totally gotten out of hand.

The very first Christmas gift was Jesus, He didn't come in a flashing bright light from space in a shower of fireworks in a big ceremonial way.  No, He was born very simply to a simple woman in a simple manger, couldn't have been any more simple and pure.

May we grasp the concept of simplicity this and every Christmas and practice it every day of the year, none of us are promised tomorrow, let's enjoy today with stress, worry or anger.  Peace to you all.

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