Monday, December 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday December 28, 2009...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...We have just a covering of snow on the ground, the roads are clear though but it is bitter cold here in Kentucky.

I am thinking...that I cannot wait for everyone to get over their illnesses, we've had someone sick since Christmas day and I don't do well with others vomiting so I'm so eager for it to stop!

I am thankful for...for a wonderful Christmas day, just being with family, what an incredible blessing!

I am wearing...warm comfy clothes to go brave the cold since I have to go out and get a couple of things.

I am remembering...a wonderful Christmas day, lots of sweet memories and oddly enough none of those memories involve a present at all!  Lots of talking, laughter and hugs!

I am currently reading...I've had no time to read at all!  I have some new books from the library I'm eager to start though!  No fiction reading until the after Christmas clear out is done!

I am get my house back in shape very soon and get our meals planned, lots of kefir, veggies, fruit and kombucha, time to get the junk out and the good stuff back in!

On my mind...wondering when the vomiting in the house will stop, I'm so ready!!!  I'm thankful Chris or I neither one have had it, at least we can take care of the others!

Noticing that...time is passing way to quickly, where do the hours go?

Pondering these words...this too shall pass.

From the kitchen...simple healthy meals, right now we're just keeping things light

Around the house...Christopher is in the shower, Katie is on the couch and Dan is on his way home and will be home with us for the next couple of days, I'm so thankful because hopefully he can just relax and heal.

One of my favorite things...organizing, I just love to have things nice and orderly.

From my picture journal...

This is too cute, it's an ornament my dfil made when he was a child, such precious items!

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