Monday, December 21, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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My Daybook for...
Monday December 21, 2009...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...lots of pretty puffy snow with some new flurries falling softly, very overcast.  It's very cold here in Kentucky and is to be getting colder each day until Christmas. 

I am thinking...about how blessed we are to be surrounded by family, family is just everything to me.

I am thankful for...a sweet dear husband that is so caring to his widowed mother, he takes such good care of her and calls her 3 times a day just because it's comforting to her.  She lives alone now with diabetes and it helps her to know she'll be receiving these calls, just check-ins to make sure she's okay.  He's such a sweet gentle man with a heart of gold.

I am wearing...white long sleeve cotton top and brown jumper

I am wonderful it is to receive forgiveness when you say things you shouldn't, no one can understand you like your family understands you and loves you anyway....sometimes you just can't imagine why!!!LOL

I am currently reading...actually I'm tickled because Christopher is putting the ESV Bible on my ipod for me, right now it's really tough to concentrate while reading the Bible because of the depression still lingering but to have the earbuds in and listen to the Word being read is just wonderful.

I am hoping...that in the midst of all the hubbub we can all remember that Christmas is really only about Him, the one that came so we may be cleansed.

On my mind...friends and family that are having medical issues right now, so many to lift up to Him, the ultimate Healer!

Noticing that...this Christmas since we've shaved so many things off of our to do list we are enjoying the simple things so much more.

Pondering these words...Be still and know.  So important right now.

From the kitchen...not sure about supper just yet but Katie's busy fixing her white chocolate pretzel m&m treats, fudge, oatmeal peanut butter candy

Around the house...a few gifts still to finish and wrap, some tidying and preparing goodies for Christmas

One of my favorite things...I've said it before but I'll say it again, hearing my Tommy's voice when he calls...he moved into his own place a year ago and we're so proud of him, I just love to hear his voice!

From my picture journal...
Katie's yummy little treats...

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