Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Simple Christmas Ideas

Years ago in our old home Tommy and Christopher went to the neighbors yard and picked up some tiny pinecones from her tree, they gathered a bunch of them.  Also they gathered some fresh pine needles from my moms yard.  We took some tiny clear glass balls and pulled the tops off.  We soaked the pine cones in water and put them inside the glass balls while they were wet, it was a little difficult to get them in, then we stuck some of the needles in.  We left these to dry for quite a few days and it's an amazing thing to see because you have this puffy pine cone inside this glass ornament, kinda like a ship in a bottle because everyone wondered how we got them in there!
We then put the top back and on wrapped some raffia into a loop to hang and wrapped the remainder around the holder, this is the result:

Now that we've moved away from that neighborhood and that neighbor with the pine cones has passed on, we still have remembrances of it and a piece of nature to trigger the memories.

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