Friday, December 11, 2009

Simple Christmas Ideas

For years now we've been making a lot of our own Christmas gifts, a few years ago I made everyone in the family and type of shawl just for cuddling in, I called them 'hugs'.  I picked out the yarn for each person individually and crocheted them here and there until I had one for every family member, even the men.  These were not meant for wearing out somewhere, just for putting around you to stay warm.
Of course I used a soft comfy chenille yarn that would be very warm to put around your shoulders, my boys really like theirs and used them around our home, sometimes while homeschooling.  It gets pretty cold in our home without a wood stove or fireplace so if they were reading or writing it kept them warm.

This year Katie is making some pretties for all the girls, I really love them and secretly hope she's making me one also!  I'm making a few things but must not say because some folks read my blog that will be on the receiving end!!

I love a homemade gift much better than anything bought, it's just the thought that someone went to all that trouble to make something for you that is just very touching!

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