Thursday, December 10, 2009

Simple Christmas Ideas

I've really gleaned so much from other blogs about simple Christmas gifts and have applied some to my own gift list.  Personalized gifts are so appreciated and treasured forever, I love the ones I've received and have made a few for family also.
A few years ago I gave my sweet in-laws an ornament tree for Christmas like this, actually this is the exact one I ordered from

Every year I give her little photo ornaments as Christmas gifts to fill it up, I use these little photo frames that we get at Hobby Lobby, usually on sale after Christmas to use the next Christmas:

What's really important I think is to get frames that are of different textures and colors but not specifically Christmas frames, this way she can keep her tree out all year long.  These frames aren't very expensive and it's something we can give her to add to her tree every year.  The ornament tree itself comes with a star at the top but there is also a replacement finial that comes with it for all year.

This is just one of the gifts we give, I'm sure she's expecting them every year but she never knows who's pics will be in the frames, since I have all of her old photos I can make copies and give her photos from years and years ago.  This is a fun gift idea for anyone I think, something that grows throughout the years and can be passed down and added to.

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