Sunday, December 27, 2009


     I truly think the big guy deserves his rest now!!!     
As the years have gone by we've experienced some interesting Christmas'.  The first year we were married my cousin, who was my age and one of my best friends, was found dead on Christmas morning, devastating for our family.  Then one Christmas three of us had the flu so only two of us were well enough to visit family for Christmas.  This was the Christmas of sickness again but also trying to get here and there with all the food, etc. on time.  We had to deliver gifts and food on Christmas Eve but also our Tommy was sick at his apartment, turns out he has pneumonia, so we made him some homemade chicken noodles soup, Katie made him a loaf of bread and we had to drop those off too.  Christmas night Dan threw up in the middle of the night.  Then last evening Katie and I were just doing a bit of after Christmas shopping at Hobby Lobby and she was feeling kinda bad.  Well, we went to Arby's to get Dan and Chris a sandwich and then went to KFC to get their holiday meal, it's a good buy and we would have leftovers for today, when she really started feeling sick.  I tried to pull out of the drive-thru and make it to another darker parking lot but she couldn't wait, she started being sick in the car all over herself, the drinks for Dan and Chris, our purses and me.  Poor thing was feeling so bad, she's still feeling sick today and has thrown up a few more times.  I had to come home and clean the car out the best I could, I have a bad gag reflex so it's hard to for me to clean up that stuff, but Christopher had a headache and I knew Dan was still feeling a bit bad so it was up to me.  I've got some of the laundry going now after washing most of it last night and I've got the car windows down to air it out.  Unfortunately I'm not feeling great myself but am pushing myself to keep going because I had thawed a turkey out to fix today so I've at least got to get that made.  
We did have a very good Christmas day seeing all of our families, except poor Tommy and I'm just kinda glad the busyness is behind us and we can just get things calmed down a bit, sometimes all of the rushing just really wreaks havoc with our systems so it's time to get on track with some fresh veggies, fruit, kefir and kombucha.  I'm eager to get all the Christmas things packed back up and get the house aired out and sanitized.  I pray I can stay healthy enough to do it all.

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