Friday, November 6, 2009

Titus 2 Thoughts

In reflection, I think it's interesting to note that as older women, the things we are to be teaching as per scripture is first of all as Jesus said to love God, and to love one another. Then we are to teach how to love our husbands, our children and to take care of their needs, laying ourselves down for them. Next is to keep our homes, physically clean and tidy and spiritual in guarding what comes into and against our homes and family. As described in the article, most women seem to be teaching about theology and doctrine etc., first instead of the things described in scripture about homekeeping. It would be weird for me to teach a class of men how to do the many things I take care of during the course of a day. I think that's part of why God has given men & women so many different talents. He has his part to do in the family relationship and she has her part to do to keep things up & running.
The breakdown occurs when sin is allowed in, focus is on self, instead of laying down ourselves for others and respect is lost. As we all know we are bombarded with the theme, it's all about me these days. I'm saddened but not surprised when people have trouble distinguishing between roles, respecting and honoring them.

These are just from some of my notes on Titus 2, I cannot remember who wrote it but I really find it so very important for those of us that are keepers of our homes.

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