Monday, November 2, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, November 2nd, 2009
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window... a beautiful sunny afternoon, the trees had a workout the past few days with wind and rain, now the leaves are all but gone.

I am thinking... how wonderful it is to live where we experience all four seasons very richly, this has been the perfect year for weather. We had a fairly cool summer, a few weeks of autumn and now are getting very cool temps and ready for winter, I love all the seasons, I'm always ready for the change!

I am thankful for... a husband that may not agree with me being adamant about certain things, such as homeschooling, but allows me to do what I feel strongly led to because of my strong faith.

I am wearing... white long sleeved top and my green gingham jumper

I am remembering... just looking for today, no time for looking back today

I am going... to a mass tonight that is for my dfil, Dan's family are catholic, tomorrow is all about working on our home business, which means a trip to the hardware store, then just trips for the post office to drop off orders and maybe the library to pick up books

I am reading... finished the last Randy Alcorn book yesterday, WOW, and now have started on the Sophie Trace trilogy by Kathy Herman, I'm loving it already!

I am get quite a few batches of soap made this week, have been behind on my projects and need to catch up

On my mind... the fact that my second child will be 23 tomorrow! It's amazing to me how quickly time goes. What an incredible blessing that young man is to our lives!

From the learning rooms... new soap recipes

Noticing that... things have really slowed down in our home with the cooler temps

Pondering these words... stop looking to yesterday in guilt or anticipating tomorrow with anxiety

From the kitchen... will be takeout today, since we'll be going out tonight (which is extremely rare for us)

Around the house... lots of tidying and continued organizing, it's amazing how scrambled things can get when I'm out of action for awhile. It's all my fault because it's mainly my stuff, I just need to dig in and get it done!

One of my favorite things~ hearing the words 'I Love You', dmil just called and before we hung up we voiced that to each other, as I do with all of my loved ones, some folks think it's just redundant to say it, I couldn't agree less, we all need to hear those words as often as possible!

From my picture journal... this is one of our new wooden signs we're making, I love decorating with these signs, we also sell them in our online store.
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