Sunday, November 8, 2009

Simple Treasures

I think sometimes about the choices we make in life. I know a lot of people that are really into their things, they say they couldn't live without their ipod or PDA, etc. Thinking along these lines really make you start to notice how folks live their lives and where they put their priorities.
I'm a people watcher, one of my favorite things used to be going to the airport while Dan was working and just watching people walk by, it's a curious thing to see all these people walking every which way, you wonder if they are flying away on vacation, visiting family, work or are they just coming home. Sometimes my curiosity would get the best of me and I'd start a conversation just to find out about people's lives, I'm content with my life but always curious about others!
Years ago I had a friend who had inherited a ring from her grandmother, the diamond in this ring was well over 2 carats and she was very concerned about keeping it safe. She put the ring in a safe deposit box at the bank to keep it safe, I wonder if she ever took it out and wore it or just kept it locked up at the bank. She worried about it so much she couldn't enjoy it, kinda strange, huh?
I've never been one for jewelry, I wear my wedding ring and sometimes wear my charm bracelet and earrings, which I love not because they're expensive because they're not, I love them because Katie made them all for me, I've got enough earrings that I could wear a different pair every day for 2 months thanks to our resident jeweler! These are things I enjoy, I don't treasure them I just enjoy them.
I know people that keep all of their jewelry locked up in safes or safe deposit boxes because they're worried about them being stolen, these same people take their little 5 year old out and put them on a school bus (not knowing the driver) to send to school without blinking an eye....of course my point is that our children are gifts, we are not to throw them on a bus and send them away.
Through our years of being parents we've had many, many, many people tell us that we are overprotective of our children, I don't think that's possible, they are given to us to protect, nurture, love, teach and enjoy, we always enjoyed having them with us wherever we went...and still do, they are our best friends! I know others feel differently but every time I look at one of them I have that same wonderful feeling I had the moment they were first placed into my arms, they are our treasures here on earth! What could be sweeter?!

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