Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Simple Seasons of Life

Do you ever wake up some days and wonder how you got to be the age you are and when did life turn around so suddenly? Today is one of those days for me. Dan is gone to take his mom to the Dr. and run some errands. Since his dad passed away suddenly in June, Dan and his sister and brother have made themselves available whenever she needs them. I just sometimes wonder when life changed so suddenly, it's a strange place to be taking care of your children and your parents, of course we don't mind at all and when the time comes for my parents to need help we will be there for them also, that's just how it is with us, family is everything.
Dan's parents grew up and lived in a small little town all their lives, his dad rode the bus to work and his mother never got a drivers license. Interestingly enough, neither of her brothers have ever had a drivers license either. Anyway a few years ago his parents moved out to a more rural area to a condo and really loved living there, Dan's dad did have a license and they had their own car so they were able to go as they pleased.
Dan's sweet mama is now living there but with no transportation so one of her kids takes her wherever she needs to go. They do dote on her because they love her so much, and she is so very appreciative. The kids and I try to make meals and take to her also as I know she doesn't really feel like cooking just for herself.
Dan does a lot of stopping at the store for her as it's on his way home from work and his sister is there a lot also and spends the night and takes her places.
I love that Dan cares so much about his mother, that's a wonderful trait to have in a husband I think. His compassion and caring are a couple of reasons I fell in love with him in the first place and I'm so proud of him for taking care of his mother.
We have a lot of love in our family, we always have and we appreciate every moment and any blessings the Lord bestows on us, we are certainly unworthy of it all. This is a new season of life but I'm finding that it's not difficult at all, if you love someone you take care of them, it's that simple. Putting Christ at the center seems to give you the calm, peace and hope you need when life makes a complete turnaround on you, knowing He is there with us is what calms every storm and allows us to grow in the midst of it all.

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