Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Simple Season of Giving Thanks

I started to think of all the things that I'm thankful for today, unfortunately I was only thinking them and not writing them down so my brain went into overload and I've forgotten most of it but some things are never far from mind.
Being thankful to me means so much more than counting the 'things' I have, truly I love my pretties and I enjoy my time saver items but if they were gone I would just go on with life and not look back, but the things I'm truly thankful for are not things at all.
I of course am blessed to have a roof over our heads, food, heat, etc., but those things can all be taken away in a heartbeat and could be replaced and we would feel no different. But the things I'm thankful for could not be replaced, they are beyond priceless to me and I love beyond measure.

These are my treasures:

Christ, His Love and knowing Him is simply incredible. I could live without Christ but it wouldn't be much of a life, no, I never want to be without Him.

My sweet hubby, as far as I'm concerned he's perfect, he may have his faults but I learned long ago to overlook those. His love shines in so many ways, he's a wonderful husband, son, brother and seeing the love he has for our children, expressed so outwardly, simply makes me love him more each day.

Tommy, what joy, my first child and first taste of what motherhood really was, I cherish every moment with him, loving hearing his voice when he calls and am so very proud of him, he works very hard and is such an incredible man and so very funny!

Christopher, such fun!!!, our bonus son, I wondered if I would have any love left over from Tommy to give him....but quickly found out that loves just multiplies and your heart just grows with it, I enjoy every second with this fine young man who has taught me more about truly being a Christian than I ever taught him and keeps me laughing!

Katie, the icing on our cake, such a sweet, kind and loving young lady. We all fell in love with her instantly and all of us have always been totally overprotective of her, I don't apologize for that at all! Katie shows kindness to everyone, she's always smiling and would never say a mean word to anyone, not even in jest. Oh, how I've just watched and learned from her as Christ shines through her beautiful countenance!

My parents, I could go on and on about them but just let me say that I adore both of them, they've taught me how to love, laugh, forgive and overcome any obstacle!

My siblings, Rick, Randy and Rhonda. Rick and Randy used to tell me I was adopted because my name is Judy...doesn't start with an R...but even though they harassed me endlessly I love them and then our Rhonda was our bonus also, I was 12 when she was born so we all fell in love with her and fought over who got to hold her....such a sweet young woman!

My in-laws and sibling in laws and family...I have been so blessed with having an incredible relationship with my in-laws, no complaints at all!

Our extended families and friends, we have such fun when we are with any of our family, such love and joy!

None of the things above could ever be replaced, they are who they are and I cherish each one of them. We lost my father-in-love in June and this will be our first Christmas season without him, oh how we'll cry because we miss him so, but after the tears there will be laughter and joy because that's what he would want, he loved his family and was always smiling, and wouldn't you know that God gave him a great-grandson before he died that he could hold and love, that little boy will be our hope and joy this Christmas in the midst of the tears, God is so good.

These are what I'm thankful for yesterday, today and forever. It's all pretty simple isn't it? The things that matter the most are not even things!

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