Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Simple Read - Jacques and Cleo Mysteries by Gilbert Morris

I just finished reading this series this evening. These books are set in the Alabama Gulf Coast and I really enjoyed the setting as he described it, simply beautiful.
Jacques and Cleo are two cats that live with a menagerie of other critters after being transported from Memphis TN.
The setting is great and the storyline is pretty good, I think I've gotten so used to having a good sense of suspense and intrigue from the other books I've been reading that these didn't seem quite as mysterious.
The books are written very well and I enjoyed the whole premise of them, unfortunately at the end of the last book I didn't feel as though the series was ended, I hate when that happens. I found that I had some questions that were answered and really felt like there should have been a fourth in the series.
All in all it was good, there was some humor and of course had a good Christian theme to it, meaning all the good folks were Christians and the rest just a step away from being brought in the fold.
I'm ready to move on now, I have some books by Linda Hall that I'm going to start tonight, we'll see if they are good, I've read some of her books before and liked her writing style.

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